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This year, MOBA Mobile Automation AG once again decided to collect donations for people and animals in need. After the bad news about the Limburg animal shelter and its uncertain future, we encouraged our employees to donate their Christmas gift from us.

In the course of the year, small amounts of money have also been collected by ebay auctions of used, no longer needed exhibition equipment, which were added to the donation box. In addition, we triple the amount to donate a total sum of 1,485€ to the animal shelter in Limburg! We are very pleased about this willingness to donate and would like to thank all our employees for their contribution!

A team of 7 permanent employees, some temporary employees, about 20 volunteers and a few trainees throughout the year takes care of up to 1,200 animals per year. With a permanent livestock of about 30 dogs, 100 cats, 30 small animals, 30 wild animals and many reptiles, all the helpers are working at full capacity. The financial expenses, including care, veterinary costs as well as maintenance and renovation of the premises can hardly be met with the subsidies from municipalities in the Limburg-Weilburg area, commission fees and the numerous donations. Therefore, the animal shelter is all the more dependent on additional aid and is looking forward to any support!

Even though the crisis has not fully been overcome on the long term, we hope to have given the entire team and all its needy animals a little gift for Christmas. We wish the Animal Protection Organization all the best for the future and a blessed Christmas!

More information about the animal shelter can be found on this website.



Handing over the Donation to Mr. Noble of the Animal Shelter Limburg
Handing over the Donation to Mr. Noble of the Animal Shelter Limburg