MOBA participates in EU funded project Waste4Think

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The European initiative Waste4Think, in which MOBA participates, seeks to promote a more sustainable waste management in the urban environment, applying new solutions in an integral way. The project consists of the use of information technologies to reduce waste creation, to generate a change of habits among citizens and to improve the effectiveness of waste management systems throughout the process.

"What we want is to implement solutions that may be close to the market but need to be tested in real environments," explains Dr. Ainhoa Alonso, head of the DeustoTech Energy Unit. "There are 20 innovative solutions that we propose as an integral system to improve the different stages of waste management," he adds.

The project has established pilots in four European municipalities, where they will test the different solutions according to their characteristics: Zamudio (Spain), Halandri (Greece), Cascais (Portugal) and Seveso (Italy). MOBA will test its solution in Portugal.

These eco-innovations include payment systems for waste generation, monitoring and analysis of data for decision-making, serious video games to encourage change of habits and educational resources, among other solutions.

The three-and-a-half-year project is funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 program with € 9 million. The Environmental Cluster of Euskadi Aclima, the Zamudio City Council, the technology company Virtualtech and the Zabala consultancy, and 14 other partners from Greece, Portugal, Italy, Denmark and Germany also participate in Waste4Think.

The Waste4Think project started in June 2016, and by the end of this year the team expects to start the first tests with real prototypes in the four cities.

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