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The MOBA community is THE forum for experts in mobile automation and is used to exchange qualified expertise with customers, prospects and industry experts. Since October this year the community counts more than 400 members worldwide. In more than 160 forum discussions, expert knowledge is continually exchanged new developments on the market are lively discussed.

The steadily growing number of members is a sign that the technological change in the construction industry is considerably advancing and reaches more and more areas.

Launched in December 2015, the MOBA community offers first-hand expert knowledge in 375 blogposts and 161 forum discussions. Equipped with a new design & based on a new technology platform, it offers the possibility to be up-to-date on all end devices at any time and to actively participate in the growing community. Social media integration, e.g. with Facebook, facilitates global networking and the exchange of readable contributions.

Both communication and community create a network of people who are actively involved in shaping the world of tomorrow. In addition to receiving the most recent industry information, MOBA customers can directly contact a specialist for questions and problems and receive answers to their questions in the shortest possible time. This is where MOBA Mobile Automation AG sets an industry standard in social support.



More than 400 active Contributors
More than 400 active Contributors