First paver in Germany gets equipped with PAVE-TM - the world's first system for an automatic layer thickness measurement

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Only six weeks after the official release, the first paver in Germany was now equipped with the worldwide unique system for automatic layer thickness measurement: PAVE-TM. Thanks to the upgrade of the paver with PAVE-TM as well as PAVE-IR, and Big Sonic-Ski with four sensors, Stüve Straßenbau GmbH is expanding its machine park by a particularly economical example.

Burkhardt Stüve, Managing Director of the GmbH, is convinced to offer his customers a unique added value. With an area of 60,000 m² and a reduction in the asphalt layer thickness by 1 mm, the savings potential already amounts to up to € 8,600! Costs are thus expertly minimized. Thanks to the automatic, constant measurement of the layer thickness, the precise specification of the project gets realized - and neither too little nor too much asphalt is installed. The brand-new system therefore offers clear advantages in terms of process safety.

In addition to PAVE-TM, the paver was additionally equipped with PAVE-IR, the system for continuous temperature measurement, the sensor technology Big Sonic-Ski with four sensors and the proven leveling system MOBA-matic II. This absolutely unbeatable combination raises road construction to a new level and is one thing in particular: future-proof. Together, the systems cover all aspects of a profitable installation: an absolute evenness of the road, maximum material savings as well as temperature data for further process optimization. Each system is available as an add-on for all types of pavers and can be integrated into every machine in the shortest possible time.

A continuous quality increase in road construction is a recurring theme in the technological developments by MOBA Mobile Automation AG. The MOBA-matic - the world's most flexible leveling system - has firmly established itself in the market and has become an integral part of the paver. The PAVE-IR system likewise belongs to the milestones of road construction. The multi award-winning technology for innovation and digitization optimizes installation and optimally prepares the constructor for the future. The PAVE-TM system is now just a pioneer system in the Intelligent Paving series of MOBA Mobile Automation AG.



Volvo Paver Stüve
Volvo Paver Stüve
PAVE-IR scanner
PAVE-TM and MOBA-matic II panels
MOBA-matic II panel
Sonic Ski sensor